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Tubs for the disabled


On a daily basis we as humans of course think about our daily routines which includes taking a shower or a bath.

On the other hand what we don’t always think about is how simple this “small task” my be for us “abled bodied” people 

but not many people really think about how this “small task” can be very hard for those that are disabled and wheelchair bound. 

This is where plumbing has been given a huge role to help these type of people by creating walk-in baths. 

The first walk in tub was invented by Arthur E Fowler and Jr Albert Dressler in 1946. 

They devised a plan to make the door open and close in a bathtub so that you would be able to walk into the tub and close the door for easy acsess.

Since then in 1946 we have been able to continually improve this great invention to make it even easier by adding tecnology and creating

a multitude styles of tubs including, but not limited to:

1 Walk-in Bathtub – with “Inward Opening” Door, 

2 Walk-in Cube Bathtub – with “Outward” Swinging Front Door

3 Slide-in Style Bathtub – “Seated” Version with Outward Swinging Door

4. Slide-in Style Bathtub – “Lying Down” Version with Outward Swinging Door

5. Bathtub with Drop Down Side Door that Becomes a Transfer Seat

6. Bathtub with Mobile Seat

7. Bathtub with Swivel Seat & Side Opening Door

They of course have many many more styles but these are just a few great examples of tubs that have been invented to help

make the disabled community and we have those intelligent men to to thank for this. 

If you or a loved one is in need of a plumber to help install your walk-n tub please call us.

call: 508-775-6670


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