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The importance of water filters


I bet you knew this, but in case you didn’t: Water filters were made to try and reduce heavy metals, harsh chemicals and other damaging things that get into you water system.

Filters are here to help.

What you might not know is different filters can clean you houses water in different ways. A couple of these are:

1. Physically blocking contaminates

2. Chemically attracting pollutants to the filter media or combining both of these methods.

Some other great things about a water filter is that it can help reduce waste and expense by filtering your own water into reusable bottles.

Without a filter you could be contaminating your household with dangerous amounts of chemicals, lead and even grossly enough, fecal matter especially, if you live in a city. Our towns do our best to filter what they can, but having something extra to help reduce those pesky particles is always a plus! Filters are here to help keep you healthy.

Believe it or not if you have a filter in your home it is even cleaner then if you buy bottled water.

We provide a whole house and under the sink filters at our company and we highly suggest everyone to have theses

installed in your house to prevent any damaging health issues to you and your family.

 If you or a loved one is needing/looking to get one installed this summer please call us here at the Pipe Doctor at 508-775-6670 or email: .

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