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Should you insulate your water pipes?

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Water pipes should always be insulated for a variety of reasons. One is to prevent condensation. We’ll tell you the background in this article.


How is condensation formed and what does it do?


Condensation occurs when warm air reaches a cold surface and cools down there. The moisture contained in the air is then released because the cold air can no longer store it. The pipes condense, especially in the basement, when you open a window in summer.

Condensation can be harmless if it’s not too much, but it can also cause damage if it drips down in places that should be kept dry. In addition, condensation on galvanized pipes, for example, can cause rust over the years and shorten the lifespan of pipes.


How do you insulate pipes against condensation?

In general, water pipes are insulated so that the water inside them keeps the desired temperature. It is particularly noticeable when hot water pipes are not insulated. In that case it takes a long time for the warm water to come out of the tap, and after a few minutes it has cooled down again. The cold water pipes should also be insulated so that the water does not warm up in a warmer environment.


In addition, insulation of the cold water pipe also helps against condensation. If the pipe is sheathed, the warm air can no longer hit the pipe directly. So there is no condensation. By the way, you may have to also insulate the water meter itself because air can condense there.

Different materials can be used as insulation. There are pipe jackets made of rubber or foam available at hardware stores. They have a slot, so they can be easily placed around the pipes and are then glued together. Such isolation is usually sufficient, but do not hesitate to find out more about the product and its insulating effect. We are happy to help and have a look at your pipes.

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