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What is the right thing to do with leftover grease and oil?

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Some people don’t know the damage oil or grease can do when poured down your kitchen sink. What happens if you dump oil down the drain?

It creates severe problems in the plumbing system. If you pour grease or oil down the kitchen sink, you could clog and damage your drainage system.

The viscosity of cooking oil will coat your pipe walls. Then, the oil will start collecting food crumbs, coffee grounds, or whatever goes down the drain when you do the dishes, which leads to clogs. When cooking, oil hardens within the plumbing pipes or sewer lines, it can cause standing water in the sink or even worse; it can result in backing up of sewer waste into your home.

These problems can be prevented, and it’s the best way to deal with them because resolving such draining issues can be quite expensive. If the common sewerage line in your neighborhood has oil and grease clogs, this can cause serious sewer backups into the waterways and streets. Such a scenario would create major environmental and public-health risks. And all because neighbors were pouring oil in the sink.

If you want to know the best way to prevent oil from clogging your sink, here is our simple answer. The fireproof way is to never pour frying oil in the kitchen sink, not even a small amount. Also, it would be best if you don’t throw out oil on the ground outside since it can cause problems for wildlife. And you shouldn’t pour oil, even when cool, into your garbage disposal. Oil or grease leaks in your trash can attract pests and cause problems for garbage trucks. When disposing of cooking oil, you need to put it into a sealed, non-breakable container before you toss it in the trash.


You might be asking yourself: What is the easiest and safe way to dispose of cooking oil?

You can use an empty coffee can, an old plastic bottle, or another sealable plastic container and pour it when the oil cools down. You can continue cooking, and you using the leftover oil until you finally fill the can/container. Now, tighten the container lid and freeze it. Once the oil solidifies, you can safely dispose of the container in a trash bin.

Alternatively, you can take the frozen cooking oil and drop it off in a local recycling center. This oil can be used for making alternative fuel for diesel engines. In that way, you contribute to the planet by recycling.

If you accidentally did pour oil down the drain or moved into a new home and aren’t sure if the former owner has, give us a call. We can get you a product to help protect your pipes, and prevent potential sewage backup.

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