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Restoring your faith in contractors: The Pipe Doctor


If you live on Cape Cod, you will have noticed how hard it is to find a reliable contractor. It doesn’t matter if your car needs to be fixed, your floors need to be redone, or your house needs to be painted. Even if your neighbor recommended someone and you mentioned them, it doesn’t mean that person is actually going to show up when they tell you they will. If someone tells you they will have your floors finished by May, it actually seems to be a good idea to ask them what year. Now with plumbing this can be a real problem. Imagine you’re renting your cottage out for the summer and the shower suddenly doesn’t work. You want someone to come out there and fix that shower ASAP before your renters get upset and you get bad reviews.

At the Pipe Doctor, we really try to build a relationship with our customers and be there for them when they need us. That’s why we invented the Lifetime Diamond Membership. You will get VIP treatment for only $14.95 a month, and we guarantee we’ll be there for you. The membership does not only include priority scheduling; it also means we’ll do your annual inspections, give you 15% off all services, and you get a 2-year extended warranty. As a member, we can tell you in advance when something should be replaced in the near future so you don’t wake up to any unpleasant surprises when you need them the least.

If you are looking for a contractor that you are comfortable with, a detail-oriented person who values hard work, and wants a job well done, this membership is for you!

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