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Clean up those pups!

Did you know you can install a dog washing station at your house?

Most of us are animal lovers, whether dogs, cats, or even feathered or scaly friends. This article is for our dog lovers! With our animals comes the responsibility of their care, which includes keeping our little friends clean. If you’re like me, an outside shower is a great place to wash your dog… but when those New England winters start rolling in, the outdoor shower is not the place to be. Instead, you can install your dog washing station in your home. No more hair covering your battery or breaking your back bending over to reach your dog. With a dog wash station, you get your canine companion in and begin. What is neat, too, is there are so many options, whether it’s a traditional metal grooming tub, a stylish tile station, or even a DIY creation where your imagination is the limit.

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