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Outside shower Maintenance


Do you have an outside shower? if so this is the blog for u to read! If you already have one installed even better! Here are some tips for you of what kind u can get and also

to keep and maintain your outdoor shower this summer.

1. Make sure to air out your shower but also make sure you have the privacy you need. If don’t let it air out

it will collect mold and insects.

2. Make sure to keep it clean as you would you inside shower and be diligent to clean any exposed

pipes or residue including the shower head.

3. Shut off your water to those pipes in the winter.

4. Along with shutting off the water during the colder months make sure that you drain your pipes completely ensure no issues arise.

5. Lastly make sure your shower is up to code by having us come and inspect it.

I know it sounds like a lot to do but it is well worth the extra effort to make sure you have a working outside shower to use every fun summer! We suggest when you are ready to shut off and drain your pipes, give us a call ensure it’s done properly.

If you or a loved one are looking for your shower to be inspected or get one installed

please call us here at the Pipe Doctor at 508-775-6670 or email: .

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