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Who are the world’s most popular plumbers? If you now say “the guys from the Pipe Doctor” we really appreciate it, but let’s face it: No children of the 80’s and 90’s will ever love us as much as they loved Mario and Luigi.

If you’re a fan of those two plumbers and are planning to travel to Japan soon, we have some excellent news for you!

Immersing yourself in the gaming world of the plumber brothers Mario and Luigi is a dream for many Nintendo fans. Since 2021 there is an opportunity to make it come true.

The Super Mario series of games is one of the most popular of all time. Almost everyone knows the plumber with the blue dungarees and his brother Luigi. For many, it is a secret dream to sit in a Mario Kart vehicle yourself or collect coins from yellow cubes overhead.

Exactly that is now possible in Osaka, because Nintendo has built a new amusement park called “Super Nintendo World”. The attraction was planned as a fun getaway for those visiting the Summer Olympics 2021 in Japan. The  company has entered into a partnership with Universal Studios, which already owns amusement parks in many major cities around the world. “Super Nintendo World” has therefore also be created within Universal Studios in Osaka, with further Nintendo Parks at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Florida to follow in the future.

One of the fun things for example is a Mario Kart track. In addition, every visitor receives a chip bracelet. By mastering various challenges, you collect digital coins – just like in the well-known games – and save them on your bracelet.

If Mario and Luigi can’t solve your plumbing problems in real life, the Pipe Doctor is still happy to help you out though!

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