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The most common plumbing emergencies


No Hot Water

Being left without hot water is particularly troublesome – especially in New England during the winter. You can’t leave this issue unattended, so call a plumber right away. A lack of hot water is usually down to a water heater leak, but there could be other issues as well.


Damaged Washing Machine Hose

All washing machines come with a hose that helps drain out water from the machine. It’s not uncommon for these hoses to become damaged over time, which leads to lots of water leaking out around your washing machine. It’s hard to fix or replace this yourself, so call an emergency plumbing service.


Sewer Backup
When a sewer backup occurs, it means the sewage starts coming back up the pipes because there’s a blockage somewhere. It leads to foul odors all around your home, along with lots of leakages.


Leaking Faucet
Much like a running toilet, a leaking faucet wastes so much water. To avoid a massive water bill, call your local emergency plumber on the Cape to fix the issue. The good news is it’s usually a quick fix so you can have the problem sorted in no time.

Running Toilet

When a toilet runs constantly it can drain your water bill and cost a lot of money. For this reason, it’s an emergency that needs to be seen to immediately. A local emergency plumber can open up your toilet and swiftly fix the issue.


Damaged Water Lines
The water lines running to your house can become damaged for many reasons. You’ll know if you have one because your lawn has soggy patches or your water pressure is very low. It must be fixed ASAP to ensure your home has a good water supply!


Burst Pipes
So many residents of New England fall victim to burst pipes either due to cold weather in winter or general pipe corrosion. For this plumbing emergency, you need an emergency plumber as you can’t use any water until it gets fixed.


Clogged sink

Kitchen sinks commonly get blocked because bits of food get stuck down there and cause a barrier that stops water coming through. This leads to water overflowing, so you have to act on it fast. You could try to fix this plumbing emergency yourself but it may be faster to call a plumber.


Clogged toilet
Toilet blockages can happen due to anything going down there and clogging up the pipes. This plumbing emergency causes water to overflow and your toilet to be out of use. It’s vital you get a local emergency plumber to help you out as it’s unsafe to unblock it alone!


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