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Making a Home Safe for Seniors


As we journey through life and become seniors our needs become different. The Pipe Doctor, your favorite Plumbers on Cape Cod, has you and your family in mind when it comes to bathroom remodels for the elderly.  Making a home safe for senior citizens, be it ourselves or family, is more important than ever. For our beloved senior citizens, ensuring that their homes provide both safety and ease becomes an invaluable priority. Among the essential considerations for creating a secure living environment, two crucial adjustments stand out: installing grab bars and incorporating “Comfort Height Toilets.”


The Importance of Grab Bars

Enhanced Stability and Support

Grab bars are a simple yet indispensable addition to any home aiming to support senior citizens. Strategically placed near the shower, bathtub, and toilet, these bars offer reliable support, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Their presence enhances stability, providing seniors with the confidence to navigate these areas independently.

Professional plumbers ensure that grab bars are securely anchored to the walls, guaranteeing their robustness and reliability. Furthermore, these bars are available in various designs and finishes, blending seamlessly with the bathroom decor while offering crucial assistance in making a home safe for senior citizens.


Comfort Height Toilets – Taller Toilets

*Ease of Use and Reduced Strain*

“Comfort height toilets” are essential to making a home safe for senior citizens. With an increased seat height compared to standard toilets, these fixtures mimic a more natural sitting position. This elevation significantly reduces the strain on joints and muscles, making sitting down and standing up easier and more comfortable for the elderly.

Promoting Independence and Dignity

These toilets not only enhance physical comfort but also contribute to the emotional well-being of seniors. By promoting independence and minimizing the risk of falls, they support a sense of dignity and self-reliance in daily activities.


The Comprehensive Approach to Safety

Creating a safe environment for senior citizens involves a holistic approach that goes beyond individual fixtures. Alongside grab bars and “Comfort Height Toilets,” several other adjustments can contribute to a safer living space:


– Low Curb Shower

– Shower Seats

– Handheld showers


Creating a home environment that caters to the safety and comfort of our 55–85 year old Cape Cod customers is a testament to our care and respect for their well-being. Installing grab bars and “Comfort Height Toilets” is just the beginning. A combined effort of thoughtful adjustments and practical installations  is not just Making a home safe for seniors, it’s also creating a nurturing space that supports their independence and quality of life.


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