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Save Money & Water through Plumbing Fixtures

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If your water bill is upsetting you and you have already made sure the leaks are not the reason, we have a few other suggestions.

You can upgrade to a Modern High-Efficiency Toilet.

With the advancing technology, toilets are now coming in different varieties that will save you a lot. The latest toilet brands come in a minimalist design that uses your water sparingly. It’s time you upgrade to a contemporary toilet if you want to save some money. Also, you have probably seen toilets with a dual flush option before. These toilets allow you to use a full or half flush and save some water. A typical modern toilet uses less than 1.6 gallons of water for flashing solid. Contact the Pipe Doctor if you aren’t sure what’s the right choice for you and what meets your budget. We are happy to help!

Make sure to turn off the taps when they aren’t in use.
Very often, we contribute a lot to the increasing water bills that we get every month without knowing or thinking about it. When you let your tap run when not in use, you are simply wasting the water; for instance, when you shower or brush your teeth, you should not let the water flow when not in use. Also, many people turn on the shower and let the water run for minutes while they undress or do something else. Don’t turn on the water until you’re ready to step into the shower. It is possible to save over 2,000 gallons of water annually if you stop your taps from running when not in use. Having clean drinking water available at any time is a 1st world privilege – don’t forget how many families could drink off the water you just let go down the drain.

You should consider installing a quality showerhead.
A shower is an important part of your house. Almost everyone uses it daily, and you can’t control your family members’ shower habits. However, you can make simple adjustments, like installing a quality showerhead to save water. Buy the latest showerhead model and contact the Pipe Doctor to fix it. When choosing a showerhead, ensure it fits on the shower valve to avoid water leaks. Please let us know if you have any questions before purchasing a new one.

Repair potential plumbing leaks asap!
As mentioned in another article, plumbing leaks can increase your water bills if you don’t have them fixed as soon as possible. When you notice a plumbing leak in your house, you should contact the Pipe Doctor and fix it immediately. Apart from increasing your water bills, plumbing leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home landscape and walls. The more you delay fixing them, the more you spend on replacement and repairs. We will upload a video about water leaks on our website shortly; stay tuned!

Schedule regular maintenance and annual inspections.
Regular maintenance for your home plumbing system can save you money. For instance, you should have the Pipe Doctor inspect all the sewer lines in your home regularly. This e.g., is included in the Lifetime Diamond Membership. We will inspect the taps, drains, and hose bibs for any potential leaks that could be wasting your water. When you have a plumbing system failure, always contact the Pipe Doctor to inspect your home and offer the best repairs to avoid untimely repairs.

Consider a solar-powered well-pump
A solar well pump is another thing that will save you a lot of money. Suppose your family relies on a well as the main water source. In that case, you should consider installing solar good pumps because they are cost-effective, do not affect water usage, and provide a reliable water source even when there is a power outage. With a solar well pump, you will save money on electrical bills. It also assures a steady water supply, so you don’t have to rely on bottled water in emergencies.

Install water-saving faucets
The latest water-saving faucets can save up to 30% of your monthly water bills. They help you achieve that by dropping the gallons per minute from 2.2 GPM to 1.5 GPM. There are also kitchen faucets with built-in water filters, which you can use to make your bottled water. This way, you will save on buying bottled water in case of a water shortage. Contact us to find the right fit for you and install it.

Finding affordable plumbing fixtures
Most of your plumbing projects depend on the installation cost and plumbing pipe. Therefore, if you want to save money when repairing or renovating your home plumbing system, you should shop for quality and affordable plumbing fixtures. Contact us for useful tips or if you want us to find the perfect product and order it for you. Choose the appliances you fix in your toilet, kitchen, and shower well. For plumbing pipes, you can shop for PVC and PEX pipes. PVC pipes are affordable and durable. Don’t go high-end on all plumbing appliances and fixtures because that will exceed your budget. The most expensive isn’t already the best. Double-check with us before you make a final choice.

We are happy to do an inspection and give you specific advice on saving water and money in your household.

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