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How To Prepare Your House for All Your Summer Fun!

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Are You Ready To Get Your House’s Summer “Body” ready??

How to prepare your house pipes for summer:

We all know its here already, the beautiful summer time, I’m sure you have prepared yourself for the hot weather but have you thought about preparing your housing for the summer? Oh, not sure how to do this? well just keep on reading,

We will outline some of these things together to get you house in tip top shape for summer! 

Your outside hose connection & pipes:

Didn’t think we would start here huh? Yes believe it or not you need to check your pipes for your hose connection to your house to make sure that there have been no leaks or cracks in any of them before you turn that valve back on!

Next you should always inspect your hose to make sure there are no obvious blockages and or cracks in the hose before its connected. This also includes your pipes that go to your washing machine because if your piping has expanded and  decompressed over the colder season connections can become loose and then cause flooding in your home when you attempt to wash your family’s towels and bathing suits and summer clothes! 

Next is checking your water pressure! 

If you didn’t know, the plumbing in your house is like the cardiovascular system for your body but for the house! It’s what  flows thought your whole house the keep everything running smoothly! so if you don’t take care of it

it can mean for some very costly repairs which we don’t want in the middle of our summer fun! If you are going away for the summer for and extended amount of time please know that over a long period of nonuse age of your water pipes can cause pressure build up and then that leads to costly repairs later down the road (or sooner then u think!) 

Installing a pressure gauge would significantly help you keep up with how your house water pressure is doing and will be able to let you know if u need to get it fixed/checked out or not. If things get anywhere above 65PSI its time to get a new pressure regulator.

Think of a larger bathroom trash can?

I know your probably thinking “how in the world would getting a larger trashcan help prepare my house for summer?”

Well if you think about it, yes a smaller trash can in bathrooms especially in smaller quarters is convenient and adorable but lets talk about how many times your cute tiny trash can gets full & you just decide to “just this one time” you throw excess unnecessary toilet paper down your toilet just because you don’t have time or replace the bag or not in the mood to do so? Well those “just this once” times  add up and they can wreak havoc on your pipes and cause excess backup possibilities! 

If you or a loved one need help installing a pressure gauge for ur pipes, replacement of washer pipelines or if your pipes/toilet are clogged with build up  junk please call us here at the Pipe Doctor at 508-775-6670 or email: .

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