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How to clean the dishwasher pump: Explained step-by-step


If the pump in your dishwasher is clogged and you suspect that there may be a foreign body in it, because e.g. you may have had broken glass in the machine, you can easily clean the dishwasher pump yourself.


Therefore, please carefully perform the following steps:


1.        First switch off your dishwasher and also pull out the power plug. This way you can be sure that the device is without power.


2.         Open the service flap and remove it completely.


3.        Your dishwasher usually has a drain hose. Use it to drain the water. Otherwise, you can also remove the pump cover and let it drain.


4.        Check the interior and clean it. This includes the thread, the pump casing and the pump cover.


5.        Can the impeller of the drain pump turn or is a foreign object stuck here so that the wheel can no longer turn?


6.        When everything is done, screw the pump cover back on.


7.        Check whether the machine works again and is tight. To do this, pour 2 pints of water into the detergent compartment. If nothing leaks, your dishwasher is leak proof and you can start the Drain program. The dishwasher pump should no longer be clogged.


Listen carefully: If your machine is running again as usual, the problem has been resolved and you can sigh in relief. You have repaired the blocked dishwasher pump.


If the problem persists, there may be another cause. Perhaps the drain hose in your dishwasher is blocked or kinked, or the drain strainer is calcified.


If you have a lifetime diamond membership with the Pipe Doctor, our plumbers will be happy to have a look at your dishwasher during your annual inspection. You may just have a tiny problem that can easily be fixed and won’t require the manufacturer’s customer service to come out.


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