Hard Water vs Soft Water


Did you know this about your water?

Some people may not know this but there is such a thing as soft and hard water that comes out of your shower head every time you use it.

What makes this happen you ask?

The hardness or softness of water is determined by the mineral content of both calcium and magnesium: 

Soft water has less than 17 parts per million. Slightly hard water has 17 to 60 parts per million. 

Moderately hard water has 60 to 120 parts per million.

How can this effect your home life?

Hard water can leave behind gross residue and develop soap scum, making it difficult to actually clean with. 

Soft water doesn’t damage appliances nearly as much, and it also improves the efficiency of cleaning. 

It’s less corrosive, reacts better to cleaning products and doesn’t leave unwelcome residue.

Damage to your pipes can occur by excess build-up that leads to low water pressure and in turn will eventually cause a clog in your pipes. 

this in turn will reduce the life of your appliances and pipes. 

Hard water can also do lots of damage to you skin and hair. Hard water causes the hair to collect a small 

film that causes your hair to not be able to lock in moisture which then leads to dulll, dry damaged hair. 

I also does a similar thing to the skin. It can clog your pores and cause extra dry skin as well as excess acne.

All in all hard water just isn’t a great thing for our house or our bodies.

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