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Ever heard of a toilet seat that weighs you?

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Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas when you write blog posts about plumbing related topics, and then you’re happy when someone comes up with a suggestion. But when a friend of ours recently mentioned that her company sells toilet seat with integrated scales, we weren’t sure if that was an early April fools joke.

After some research, we found out it’s actually a thing, and it’s not so much about what YOU weigh, it’s about what your number 2 weighs. Interesting topic indeed, but hey, it’s on the market, so let’s talk about it.


Designer Haikun Deng says he designed a toilet seat scale aimed for women who are always checking their weight. And let’s be honest: Men don’t check their weight any less, plus they like new bathroom technologies, so they’ll use it too.  The designer’s thought process was that every time they will sit on this toilet seat scale and do their business, when they finish they will feel a little bit better because of the decrease in weight everyone has after dropping a load.

You tend to say  you’re a few pounds lighter after visiting the bathroom, the truth is that’s how you may feel, but it’s actually not true. It’s science. Also there are a few problems with this toilet scale. First, it is said that you must be weighted when you stand up or completely suspended otherwise you will not get an accurate reading. Second, do we really think it’s a good idea to push people’s self doubt to a place where they need to check their own weight while seating on the toilet? And what happens if they’re hot happy? Do they stay until they get a better result?

The product itself looks decent and can really work, however it’s nothing you can buy from us or at your local hardware store just yet. There are a few online offers, but we haven’t tried any of them personally. There are tons of other cool bathroom design options if you are in the process of modernizing your home, and the Pipe Doctor is more than happy to chat about them and give you some advice. 

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