Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning

Cape Cod, MA

When you call The Pipe Doctor for drain cleaning service, we’ll start by inspecting your plumbing to determine the source of the problem. Then, we can use a combination of equipment, such as a plumbing snake and BioOne drain cleaner, to clear gunk out of your drains. BioOne is a natural cleaner with bacteria that eat away grease and fats without harming your pipes. It is the best environmental solution for wastewater–drain lines, septic tanks, drain fields, grease traps, and much more. You can learn more about this product. Here

We Can Clean Any Drain

We are drain cleaning specialists, and our plumbers have extensive experience clearing out clogged drains. We offer: 

  • Bathroom drain cleaning 
  • Kitchen drain cleaning 
  • Sink drain cleaning 
  • Bathtub drain cleaning 
  • Shower drain cleaning 
  • Floor drain cleaning 
  • Outdoor drain cleaning
  • Main Drain Cleaning

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