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Important criteria for choosing the right shower curtain

shower curtain

There are shower curtains with all sorts of different attachments, coming in various sizes and materials. Wed like to explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Taking a shower is cleansing and refreshing. When water runs down on you from the shower head, a heavy load of daytime worries is washed off your shoulders. Not only the body, but also the mind and soul are refreshed. Showering is also wonderful from an ecological point of view, because the average water consumption is only a tenth of that of a bath. You don’t need to feel guilty for washing yourself thoroughly every day and treat the environment carefully, thanks to the shower.

The shower curtain is obviously part of a shower. The shower curtain device is one of the deciding factors for the shower experience and brings out the shower aesthetically. It keeps the water from flooding the bathroom when you shower and protects you from the eyes of others. There are numerous types of shower curtains and depending on the price range and target group, the advantages and disadvantages of the quality criteria are weighted differently. We’re happy to help you find out what may be the right shower curtain for you.

What size do you want?

Shower curtains are usually around 6 ft in length. If they go beyond that, the shower curtains are excessively long. Extra length is ideal for tall people, special demands on comfort and for people with limited mobility. If you do not belong to the three groups mentioned, you will also be happy with a shower curtain in normal size, which is also significantly cheaper.

The type of attachment

Shower curtains can be pushed or pulled. Roller blinds represent a special form, which are attractive because they protect against the prying eyes of strangers, but allow good visibility from the inside. Pull-out shower curtains are mostly tied to a shower curtain rod and attached to metal eyelets with rings. They are the cheapest models and are always made of light material. The splash guard, however, is not perfect. A shower curtain with a rail is much better suited for this because the curtain wraps itself around the shower more reliably and evenly when it is pushed. The splint also makes it more difficult for the fabric to wrap itself uncomfortably around the body, something that you may have experienced with some light materials.

The material

There are shower curtains made of plastic, polyester and textiles. In the context of climate change, the general trend is towards natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. In this area in particular, manufacturers have made considerable progress in recent years and, for example, have prevented the fabric from being soaked up too quickly with water. Nonetheless, natural textiles are still more susceptible to the unloved mold stains.

Natural textiles: back to the roots

Cotton is valued for its softness and skin-friendliness. In addition, the fabric is easy to care for, tear-resistant, breathable and light as a feather. Linen, on the other hand, is much more robust than cotton and extremely absorbent. The fabric can also be washed at high temperatures and has antibacterial and mold-repellent features. Since the flax plant has a significantly lower water requirement than cotton when grown, linen is even more sustainable than cotton.

Plastic: modern industrial solution

A shower curtain made of plastic, on the other hand, is anything but sustainable, it is well known how much plastic harms the environment. Plastic is processed industrially according to customer-friendly criteria and has been continuously perfected. This explains the long era of predominance of plastic over other materials. In a time when ecological aspects did not yet play the role they do today, plastic was considered chic and modern.

Polyester: the compromise

Polyester is more of a compromise in this regard. The material is produced synthetically, but has less of an impact on the environment than plastic. Polyester shower curtains are good at repelling moisture and bacteria. The material dries quickly, but can stick to the body more easily. The splash protection is also not perfect. But curtains made of polyester are durable and weatherproof. They allow a multitude of colorful motifs, because colors can unfold excellently on polyester.

Conclusion: This is what matters when picking a shower curtain

Let’s sum up the most important criteria again. You should not only base your decision on the type of material that is good for protection against mold and mildew stains, but also whether an anti-mold coating is integrated in it and what the quality of this protection is. Is the curtain:

– waterproof

 – cleanable

 – does it have anti-mold protection

 – ecologically justifiable

 – drying fast

 – hygienic

 – aesthetic

 – convenient (is there a shelf for soap and shampoo included?)

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