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Bathroom renovation: useful tips

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Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, functional improvements or hydraulic repairs, your bathroom may need to be renovated. Since renovating this room is usually not an easy task, we have prepared some special tips to help you get the job done without major complications.

Planning your bathroom renovation

All adjustments should be based on prior planning. At this initial stage, it is important to analyze the need to touch the plumbing, define whether to enlarge the room and check whether or not it is necessary to break the walls and surfaces. It’s also important to determine absolutely everything you want for your bathroom and lay out the project. This preliminary work is essential so that you can get an idea of how you want things to look after the renovation.

Set your budget

Set a maximum amount you can spend and do what you can to meet this budget. To stay within your budget, research and compare prices, negotiate special conditions with shops, think about the cost-benefit of the products and set a fair price for the work – of course without compromising on quality! You will see how these super-simple measures can make a big difference to the final cost of bathroom renovation.

Only hire skilled workers

It does not matter whether your renovation is to change the look of the bathroom environment, expand the space or restore the plumbing, it is necessary to hire specialized contractors for the service. Remember that even with small jobs, it is important to count on the help of an engineer or architect. In addition, you will likely need a good drywall contractor and a reliable plumber. And you may even need to hire an electrician. Contact the Pipe Doctor for expert advice.

Choosing the right coatings

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, be careful with your choice of floors and coverings. Focus not only on the price, but also on beauty and durability of the products. In addition, you should analyze the material of the product to determine whether or not it can be placed in the bathroom. For walls, it is ideal to opt for vertical tiles, as they make the room look wider. As for colors, you know that the light tones make it feel like the room is bigger and cleaner.

Select functional furniture

To get the most out of every corner of the bathroom, it is a good idea to order custom made furniture. If you are looking for decent comfort and can’t afford to have something built, you can also buy pre made cabinets. There are models on the market for every type of taste, budget and style. Take the opportunity to complement and present the furniture with a beautiful mirror and functional accessories such as organizer boxes, trays and benches.

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