Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention

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At The Pipe Doctor Plumbing, we specialize in backflow prevention and backflow preventer inspections.
Backflow prevention safeguards the well-being of your family, customers, or employees by obstructing tainted water from reaching your fixtures. Usually, water pressure from the provider keeps water flowing in the right direction; nevertheless, when the water pressure experiences a significant drop for any reason, such as extraordinarily high usage, water can flow in the wrong direction, allowing polluted water to infiltrate your pure water pipes.
Back pressure is another approach to an unacceptable pollutant that may enter drinkable water piping. Back pressure sources may include pumps in the water distribution system, boilers, heat exchanging equipment, or power washing equipment. In these scenarios, there may be a near-perpetual danger of defeating the static water pressure in the piping. To reduce the danger of pollution, a backflow preventer can be installed. A backflow preventer is also essential when chemicals are employed, such as industrial/commercial descaling (boilers) or when bleaches are employed for residential power washing.
To stop contamination due to back pressure, certain regulatory regimes require an air gap or mechanical backflow prevention assembly between the delivery point of mains water and local storage or utilization. Where submerged mains inflow is permitted, a backflow prevention assembly is necessary, which protects the drinkable water system from contamination perils. These risks can be severe; some circumstances can be fatal. In numerous countries where regulations permit backflow, approved backflow prevention assemblies are compulsory by law and must be installed adhering to plumbing or building codes.
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