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Another Crazy Plumbing Story

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Cape Cod Plumber Stories...

On the online platform “Reddit”, a user asked the question: “What has happened to you in real life that you would have found totally unrealistic if you had seen it in a movie?” This was followed by a series of funny and incredible stories from the lives of the responding Reddit users says a Cape Cod Plumber.

One of these stories, however, far surpassed all the others.

Reddit user “Malgayne” shared his incredible story and made all the users laugh out loud:

“When my grandfather was young, he owned a small hotel where my mother also had to work to support the family business. The building was very old and the sewage pipes were ailing, so visits by the plumber were almost a daily occurrence.

One day, after a guest had left, the two were struggling with a clogged toilet, so they called a plumber to clear the blockage. The plumber came with his big tool box and went straight to work, but the clog was stubborn. After several unsuccessful attempts, the plumber came to the conclusion that only the electric spiral snake would help him now.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an electric drain cleaning cable, but the big versions of this type of tool look really scary. I don’t mean the little things on a crank pulley, but the all-electric snake that’s attached to a huge motor and has a little metal claw on the other end.

So the plumber pushed the coil, first with the claw closed, deeper and deeper into the toilet to push the clog down the pipe until it would eventually dislodge and be flushed away by the sewage, but it didn’t work. Finally, in desperation, the plumber pressed a button on the device to open the metal claw at the end of the coil. He got hold of ‘something’ and finally turned on the motor of the coil, with which the snake was slowly pulled out of the old building’s almost endless pipe system.

By now, various employees had gathered in the bathroom, speculating wildly about what the hell was in there that this machine couldn’t get it out of. The engine was already sputtering. You know that sound when an engine is about to give up the ghost? This great machine had to work hard to pull whatever-it-is back through the pipes.

Finally, after a long wait, the soaking wet object emerged piece by piece… and it was… a shower curtain.

Those present looked helpless. They wildly speculated how something like this could happen. It would be very strange if the former guest had ripped off the shower curtain and then flushed it down the toilet, but the curtain from this bathroom was still hanging in place. It would be even weirder if the guest had brought their own shower curtain and then flushed it down the toilet at random, but it was definitely a hotel shower curtain. Had the guest stolen the curtain on a previous visit, then felt guilty, checked in again to find a new one had already been put up, and then flushed the stolen goods down the toilet to cover it up?

While everyone continued to discuss it vigorously, the phone in the hotel room suddenly rang. The caller was screaming hysterically into the phone, so it took a few minutes to realize it was the housekeeper who was cleaning the rooms. Eventually, the true background came out:

The snake had probably “missed” the blockage. Instead, it got into the hotel’s central sewage system and reappeared in another room’s toilet. It wriggled out of the toilet bowl like a metal snake out of a horror film that had become real and lurched around wildly in the bathroom, where it cleared various shelves. While the terrified maid crouched in the corner of the bathroom, the metal claw opened and grabbed the shower curtain, ripping it ring by ring from the rod, slinging it around in the air again so that it tumbled tautly twisted the metal hose of the snake and finally pulled it into the toilet bowl.

The reason for the actual blockage was never found.”


This story is indeed almost too crazy to be true, but according to Reddit user Malgayne, that’s exactly what happened. The real sufferer is probably less the toilet than the poor housekeeper who probably got the scare of her life at the sight of the plumber’s snake rising out of the toilet. This Cape Cod Plumber gets a kick out of these stories! 

Do you have a similar story to tell? Your Cape Cod Plumber wants to hear them!

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