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Intelligent Toilets


So recently we told you about a toilet seat that weighs you. Crazy enough you would think, and now you’ve seen it all. Not quite though. There is stuff in the bathroom world that simply blows your mind. There are toilets that you actually wouldn’t recognize as such when you enter someone’s bathroom, because they look so futuristic, they could also be a storage box or something else.

The items we’re discussing are actually called “intelligent toilets”, and we’re gonna leave it up to you to decide if you need one or not. If you decide that you do, the Pipe Doctor is more than happy to help you with the installation. Now, why are these things intelligent? Can they make conversation with you? Yes, some of them actually can. But let’s start with something more simple: How about hands-free operation? Intelligent toilets sense your approach, open automatically and close and flush when you leave. Or a heated seat that nestles you in luxurious warmth? Don’t forget the warm-water cleansing and warm-air drying to leave you feeling refreshed. And the deodorizing seat keeps the entire room fresh. And you find them in all kinds of shapes: From smooth and rounded to an angular and modern, an intelligent toilet makes a bold statement piece that elevates the style of any bathroom.

Intelligent toilets offer integrated personal cleansing to create a cleanliness that simply cannot be matched by toilet tissue alone. With intuitive controls and custom settings, and adjustable temperature and wand position, intelligent toilets deliver a completely personalized experience.

Now is that everything, or does the toilet world have more to offer? OK, maybe it’d be nice to have some kind of tablet function in the mirror, a scrolling newsfeed or something. But a networked toilet with all the digital bells and whistles?

The answer is called “Numi” the winner among new toilets. In the dark, as you walk up to Numi, the lid will open and treat you to a warm seat; when you walk away, it flushes and closes. Hassle-free for night time trips to the bathroom. You can use an app or the remote to program personalized presets for different users, and you can use voice to access the preset/profile (in case you misplace the remote). There is probably a difference between you, your spouse, and your children when it comes to washing; this lets you easily program and select personalization using voice and app. And to make sure you really enjoy your bathroom visit, ask Alexa to access your own playlist of songs (if you have Verdera and have Numi set up as an Alexa speaker). Now what’s more exciting than chatting with your toilet about the local weather forecast for the next few days?

If you can afford this toilet, you can probably also afford a second bathroom. Your family will need one, as your visits in the current one might take a lot longer with all those features.


Either way, we are happy to help you with the modernization of your bathroom.

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