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A Plumbing Christmas Story

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It’s the Holiday Season which means it’s time for a little more love and compassion in our lives. So instead of giving you the usual plumbing tips, we would like to tell you a plumbing-related story today that goes straight into your hearts. 

The last prisoners were liberated from the Nazi concentration camps 76 years ago, so you can probably imagine that few people lived through this terrible tragedy. Those still among the living are filled with stories of their time in the camps, some of which have never been heard. But two years ago, two plumber brothers heard one of these stories and were moved to do something special for one of their customers. 

The story hit the Hebrew-language media back in 2019. Simon and Salim Matri, Arab citizens of Israel, were hired to carry out plumbing work worth around NIS 1000 for the elderly Ms. Rosa Meyer in Haifa. (That equals $320, a lot of money for an elderly woman in this region!) When they spoke to her, Rosa mentioned that she was a survivor of the Holocaust. 

Simon repeated the conversation: “At some point, while at work, my brother Salim started talking to Rosa about her life. Her life story touched me. At that moment, I decided not to charge her a penny.” On the bill, he wrote: “I wish you good health for 120 years. Amount to be paid: 0.” 

When Rosa Meyer saw the bill, she was moved to tears. “The brothers surprised me. It was so exciting and enjoyable, and I thanked them very much,” she told the online portal, Mako. “We did it with all our hearts,” says Simon: “We left Rosa our phone number and told her to call us if she had problems, and we would come and help her free of charge. That’s the education we got at home – to help people. Money is important, but not the most important thing. It is important to be human.”  

So this Christmas as you’re giving out all of your presents to your family and friends, stop for a moment and remember what Christmas is truly about. In addition to giving gifts, remember we celebrate Christmas because it’s the day Jesus came into this world for more humanity. The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one – be one! 

Happy Holidays from The Pipe Doctor.

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